Saturday, August 24, 2013

808 Roundup 2 // Evil Needle, HxdB, B.YRSLF

On the second edition of my 808 Roundup posts I included some slower, smoother bass-driven tracks.


The first song I found today was by a producer that I've been sleeping on for the past year or two now: Evil Needle. Evil Needle is a German-born, France-residing producer that makes what could best be described as music within the range of soulful R&B and trap-esque bangers. I say 'within the range' because this guy is super versatile, yet ALWAYS consistent. Almost every track I've found from him I like, if not love.

Be sure to check out his other stuff on his website here.


Next up is a compilation of mixtapes from Vancouver, B.C. house/bass/techno producer HxdB. Sev's production is super deep and on-point while his mixes are patchwork of originals and homie exclusive previews. I saw him a-grip ago at a club in my college town of Bellingham when he performed with my homie Cedaa / Simon Ho. Having heard his shit, I went on my mobile soundcloud and immediately started harvesting free cuts from his profile. His cuts are perfect for danky clubs and headphone meditations alike.

Here's a fat 4+ hour block of HxdB mixtapes to get acquainted if you aren't already.


The final entry is from another one of my favorite labels. The ubiquitous, Parisian bass music imprint, B.YRSLF division. I got to say this these guys exposed me to a lot of very talented producers. Last summers 'Summer Crisis' mixtape was on heavy repeat during intra-city bus trips and 6am walks through campus. Now we have Summer Crisis vol. 2. Another set of 20+ free tracks that I'll probably be rinsing a whole lot in the weeks to come. My favorite so far off this release might be "Swift" by Yoin. Bouncey 808s and summery synth stabs is almost always a good recipe.